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"I would like to thank Dr. Mercola's newsletter for all of the up to date information he provides. Personally I have used fish oil and cod liver oil. I started three years ago when I was 43. My main reason was to get enough of the good type of omega oils, but here's what happened: I was getting stiffness and pain in my elbows, fingers and knees, well it all disappeared. Also my excellent vision was getting to the point where I thought I needed those dime store glasses, well again my vision is restored; no glasses yet! Last but not least, a beauty boost, my hair got twice as thick without a single split end and my skin at 45 has not a wrinkle (at 40 it had started to get very dry no matter what I put on it). So I recommend cod liver oil it surely has many benefits. I stared seeing results about 8 weeks after starting it and real success at 3 months. My 3 1/2 year old daughter asks for it daily and my seven year old only takes it because it is popular."

Kris Finnegan
Nelson, NH

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This kind stuff improve my vision&hair problem






感謝麥可拉博士的營養資訊使我受益良多;事實上,自己使用魚油和魚肝油產品已有3年的時間.為了能夠攝取到優良的歐美加脂肪酸(omega oils)產品,在過去的經驗中,我曾經嘗試別的品牌,所得的回報只有關節的僵硬與疼痛!不過自從服用了魚油以及魚肝油產品後,一切都已改觀;首先關節症狀得到改善,再來是視力的明顯好轉變得更為銳利,更不可思議的是我已經45歲了,不但頭髮生長的更為茂密,而且皮膚沒有一絲明顯的皺紋(事實上我在40歲時,不論使用什麼產品都無法彌補皮膚的日漸乾燥)有了以上心得,使我對魚肝油以及魚油產品更為推崇不已!以我自己的使用心得,大約只要2個月的時間效果就會陸續的出現,到了第3個月一切都會改觀.事實上不只是我自己在使用,就連我3歲半的女兒也會吵著要求使用,而我7歲的兒子則是因為時髦名氣而去使用魚肝油或魚油產品.
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