• 2018-05-21 適量使用鱈魚魚肝油改善了我的慢性疲勞與濕疹

I had already been on the road to recovery from a host of illnesses ranging from Candida albicans to chronic fatigue, chronic eczema, IBS, mercury poisoning and more when I discovered Much of the protocol my doctor put me on is suggested on Dr. Mercola's site. When I hit a plateau, I began to use some of Dr. Mercola's recommendations like adding cod liver oil to my regimen and eliminating many of the synthetic supplements and grain from my diet. Suddenly, my digestion was back on track and I have had more energy and focus (after having a baby) than I had even as a child! My experience has been so remarkable that everyone who has known me for any length of time notices how different I am. So different in fact that I have decided to pursue a career in nutrition. has even helped me write several term papers as it is the only site that draws in reviews and articles from such a wide variety of sources."

Adrienne Hew
Trenton, NJ

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Cod Liver Oil curing my chronic fatigue& eczema

真是令人難忘的一件事,我竟能從一堆的舊疾(包含白子症,慢性疲勞,長期濕疹以及大腸燥鬱症外加汞中毒 )之中恢復過來!當我碰到瓶頸困難時,由於有麥可拉博士的專業推薦,我使用了鱈魚的魚肝油產品同時減少攝取人工合成食物;奇蹟出現了,我的消化道功能逐漸恢復正常,既使是生了一個小孩以後卻能夠依然維持旺盛的體力與專注的精神;這種顯著的改變讓認識我的人幾乎不敢相信.由於自己的深刻經驗與體會,我決定改變自己的生涯規劃,努力的去從事營養方面的工作,以幫助更多的人;麥可拉博士的無私精神改變了我太多!太多!他並不認識我,但是卻幫助我收集了許多的資料,只有他是如此的對我!
紐澤西 安德安 修

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