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Oprah 's Diet Secret is an all-natural pill
Reprinted from the LA Times
A tiny, "ten-cent pill" is Oprah Winfrey's secret weapon in her war against weight. The talk-show titan - who's lost close to 100 pounds -- swallows a power-packed new diet aid which is hailed by diet and nutrition experts as a surefire way to keep appetite down and energy up.

As part of her ongoing weight-loss program, Spirulina's high protein content helps keep Oprah's blood sugar in line and her sweet tooth under control," an insider reveals.

Made from the bluegreen algae that grows naturally on the surfaces of ponds and lakes, amazing spirulina contains a slew of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that kill hunger pangs and boost energy, say experts.

"Aside from being packed with very highquality protein and virtually all the vitamins and minerals you need, spirulina has phenylalanine, which acts on the brain's appetite center to decrease hunger," says top nutritionist Dr. Earl Mindell.

"Spirulina also keeps blood sugar at the proper level, eliminating those dangerous cravings for unnecessary, unwholesome snacks.

That's the key for Oprah, who admits she used to be hungry all the time, constantly reaching for high-fat goodies.

Her favorites were french fries and butterladen mashed potatoes, maple syrup and rich cakes.

But Oprah vowed 'never again," and today she's a dedicated fitness freak who sticks religiously to a sensible eating and exercise plan.

The 41-year-old talk show dynamo joins scores of other celebrities who've discovered that spirulina can keep them on the fast track to fitness and good health.

"Spirulina is the hottest new diet aid in Hollywood,"says a show biz insider".

"Lots of personal trainers to the stars tell me their clients adore it".

"They say they don't feel like eating every minute, and their energy level is sky-high".

"The best thing about spirulina is that it is an all-natural food, not a drug or chemical."

Spirulina is inexpensive -- only about ten cents a capsule in bottles of 200. Even less in bottles of 500 tablets




以上原文由轉入-------Oprah's Diet Secret is Spirulina

歐普拉是美國脫口秀的一線天后,更被富士比雜誌於2005年評定為世界上前一百位名人(Celebrity 100)的第一名人;歐普拉的主持風格雖然犀利直接,但是也總能在切中要害後放人一馬,而讓受訪的名人保留顏面.以歐普拉的財富而言,要什麼樣的減肥藥會沒有?只要她開口,一票名醫診所的主治醫師早就會迫不及待的爭著替她診治!可是聰明的歐普拉卻獨排眾議,她既沒有使用減肥藥物,也不認同抽脂手術;歐普拉選擇了使用螺旋藻來進行減肥的工作.根據洛杉磯時報(LA TIMES)的報導,歐普拉在服用了螺旋藻以後,成功的減掉了100磅的體重(約合45公斤),而且精神狀況良好又沒有副作用,對於每天都要面對大批觀眾的TALK-SHOW 天后歐普拉而言,螺旋藻既顧到了裡子也照顧到了面子,何樂而不為呢?想要健康的減肥嗎?可以考慮使用低熱量又含有優質蛋白質的螺旋藻來試試看,只要能持續使用,效果應該會不錯.值得一試.





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