• 2019-04-27 適量補充鱈魚-魚肝油改善了我的關節炎及皮膚濕疹


"I have always been interested in protecting my health. I had been a vegetarian for 30 years when I discovered I feel like Dr. Mercola saved my health by convincing me to start taking Cod Liver Oil. My arthritis improved, my eczema improved and my overall energy is wonderful! Thanks to Dr. Mercola I also benefit from virgin coconut oil, living fuel and raw milk. My siblings used to tease me. "Hey Cathy, do you want to live forever?" "No", I'd say, "I just want to feel good while I am alive!" Now that we are all in our 50's, they have started asking me for health advice. It is great to be able to just refer them to! Dr. Mercola researches all the latest developments in nutrition for me. I totally trust Dr. Mercola and this is why: If he uncovers some reason to adjust his recommendations he does just that! I totally respect him for caring more about people's health than his ego. The other reason I trust him is because he is one of the few Doctors trying to keep people off of drugs! He gives me the research to motivate me to try to solve my health problems with diet, not drugs. No one is giving the sane, optimal health advice, without bias, that you are! Thank you, Dr. Mercola! 

Catherine Bath

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Cod Liver Oil curing my arthritis and eczema








我對自己的健康一向非常注意,事實上自己也是擁有30年歷史的素食飲食者;自從和麥可拉博士請教討論以後,由於麥可拉博士的無私推薦,使我有機會可以使用到鱈魚 的液狀魚肝油;自從服用了魚肝油以後,對於長期困擾我的關節炎以及皮膚濕疹現像有了改善的效果;不但如此,身體的體力也明顯的得到改善;我完全相信麥可拉博士,他是少數有心的博士專家,告訴了我一件事:藥物固然重要,但是最好少用!消費者還是有別的選擇機會可供利用.很少有人能夠如此無私的幫助別人,謝謝您,麥可拉博士.
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