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Over the counter pills key to combating arthritis, say experts

                                                  By: Jo WilleyPublished: Sat, July 12, 2014

骨質性關節炎圖  By James Heilman MD from wikipedia

The pills, which contain omega 3 fatty acids, can ease the crippling pain that blights the lives of millions.

Scientists’ discovery – tested on mice – means that sufferers from osteoarthritis could transform their lives by taking the over-the-counter 20p supplement.

The alternative is to boost the levels of omega 3 in the diet by eating more fish, nuts and seeds packed with the essential fat. Researchers in the US reached their conclusion after discovering osteoarthritis is linked more to diet than to body weight.

Dr Farshid Guilak said: “Our results suggest that diet plays a more significant role than mechanical factors in the link between obesity and osteoarthritis.”

He and his team at Duke University Medical Centre, in North Carolina, studied mice with osteoarthritis of the knee caused by injury to the joint. Their research, published in the journal Annals Of The Rheumatic ­Diseases, suggests that unhealthy ­dietary fats – not just obesity – may make osteoarthritis worse.

Dr Guilak said: “While omega 3 fatty acids aren’t reversing the injury, they appear to slow the progression of arthritis. In fact, omega 3 fatty acids eliminated the detrimental effects of obesity.” Mice consuming a supplement of omega 3 fatty acids were found to have healthier joints than those fed diets high in saturated fats and omega 6 fatty acids.

Saturated fat, which usually comes from animal sources, is known to raise cholesterol levels. Omega 6 fatty acids are found in corn oil, soya bean oil, nuts and seeds.

Omega 3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish or fish oil supplements, are often touted as “healthy fat” given their anti-inflammatory properties.

Fish oil supplements are said to protect against heart attacks and stroke, boost brain power and prevent behavioural disorders in children.

Obesity is one of the main risk factors for osteoarthritis, although why the two conditions are linked is not fully understood. It had been assumed that increased weight wears out the joints.

According to Arthritis Research UK, the NHS spends £5.2billion a year on the condition
But experts say this does not explain why arthritis is also found in the fingers and hands.

Professor Alan Silman, medical director of Arthritis Research UK, said: “Research is increasingly confirming that omega 3 fatty acids sourced from fish oil can slow the progression of osteoarthritis in animals and that the benefits of fish oil for joint health are not simply old wives’ tales.

“Most diets in the developed world are lacking in omega 3, with modern diets having up to 30 times too much omega 6 and too little omega 3.

“Taking omega 3 could help redress this imbalance. However, we now need studies that confirm that it can also be effective in humans.”

More than eight million Britons suffer from osteo­arthritis, which occurs when cartilage at the ends of bones wears away, leading to stiff, painful joints.

There are few treatments other than painkillers and joint replacement.

According to Arthritis Research UK, the NHS spends £5.2billion a year on the condition, including 77,000 knee and 66,000 hip replacements.

A fifth of people over 45 have osteo­arthritis in a knee. Trauma or injury is thought to account for 10 to 15 per cent of cases.

The US researchers also looked at how omega 3 affected mice’s ability to heal. In those taking omega 3, a small ear wound healed much more quickly than it did in animals that did not receive the supplement.

Biomedical engineering student Chia-Lung Wu said: “We found that, independent of body weight, dietary fatty acids regulate ear wound healing and severity of osteoarthritis following joint injury in obese mice.”




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骨質性關節炎的軟骨圖 ByRikke K Kirk, Bente Jørgensen, Henrik E Jensen                       from wikipedia







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